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Air Compressors


Popular Models by Manufacturer

Airman by MMD Equipment
-100 to 400 cfm towables
-water cooled diesel engines
-1, 2, 5 year warranties
-ultra reliable

ConX Equipment
40 and 70 CFM gas engine drive
-the world's smallest portable screw compressors
-fits in most truck beds
-ultra fuel efficient
Made in St. Laurent, QB CANADA

Jenny Industrial Compressors
1/2 to 25 hp electric & engine drive
Jenny Industrial is one of the best names in compressors for a reason: a decades old time-tested cast iron reciprocal design that holds up to the heaviest service

--Service K, G, J & W series unloaders w/o removing head
--Dependable, time-tested cast iron pumps
--Optional low-oil shutdown, air-cooled aftercoolers, driers, vibration isolators & accessories
--All synthetic compressor lubricants
--Commercial, industrial & rental tested tough-as-nails!
Made in Somerset, PA USA

Jenny Portable Compressors
1 to 20 hp electric & engine drive
Jenny manufactures heavy-duty hand carry, wheeled portable & stationary service truck compressor using the design that Emglo ® pioneered.
-hand carry & wheeled portable
-electric & engine-drive
-heavy duty engine-drive service truck compressors
Made in Somerset, PA USA

Airman PDS100S towable diesel compressor
Airman PDS100S
ConX SC40 compressor Click to enlarge
ConX SC40
ConX SC70 compressor Click to enlarge
ConX SC70
Jenny AM780-HC4V Click to enlarge
Jenny AM780-HC4V
Jenny K15A-8P Click to enlarge
Jenny K15A-8P
Airman PDS185S towable diesel compressor
Airman PDS185S
Jenny 5 hp shop air Click to enlarge
Jenny GT5B-80V Jenny 11hp tank mt. service truck Click to enlarge
Jenny 11 hp service truck
Jenny K5HGA-8P Click to enlarge
Jenny K5HGA-8P

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