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IkaFloor by Ikadan


IkaFloor by Ikadan System Ikadan USA
Product - tent & temporary flooring

Lightweight, innovative 'set & drop' tent flooring
Recyclable polypropylene is UV-stable, durable and flexible enough to contour to turf
Bolt together 2-packs and 4-packs for quick load & install--stagger joints for strength
Tapered border & corner pieces snap in without tools
Available in grey, black, red & other colors
Perforated breathable flooring for long term installations
Cleans up w/ pressure washer
Made in Denmark

IkaFloor by Ikadan

PO Box 1488
Clinton, NC 28329


(910)590-3540 fax

IkaFloor rough terrain durability test--5 min. run time
(high speed connection recommended)

We don't recommend you run heavy equipment over IkaFloor, but as you can see it takes the abuse w/ minimal damage.
IkaFloor 11,000 sq. ft. installation--2 min. run time
(high speed connection recommended)

Lightweight, durable & easy to stack
UV stable--won't fade or get brittle
Goes down fast--no camlocks or fasteners to set
Beveled edging snaps in place in seconds
Just place, let drop & push down

IkaFloor is great for tents on turf

Available in red, black, grey, white & more Compare IkaFloor weight per area with other flooring


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