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Ventilation Products


General Equipment Company

Manhole & confined space blowers
Positive pressure workspace fans
Carpet drying blowers
Blow-R-Pak all-in-one fans w/ duct storage
Hazardous location blowers
In-line 220V heaters

Gasoline engine drive models
AD & DC electric models

Made in USA!

Jenny Products

Direct drive ventilation fans
Belt-drive ventilation fans
In-line axial fans
Portable ejector fans
Explosionproof fans rated for:
Class 1/Gp D & Class II/Gps E, F, & G

From 1/15 hp to 1-1/2 hp
12" to 36" diameter models
Automatic & motorized shutters
Thermostats & speed controllers
Penthouses, weather hoods & backguards
Made in USA!

EP8ACP manhole blower
EP8ACP confined space axial blower
EP17 PPV work space fan
EP17 positive pressure ventilator, electric drive
GP21 PPV work space fan
GP21 positive pressure ventilator, engine drive
General duct, rack & cannister
General duct, rack & cannisters

Jenny D16 direct drive ventilator
Jenny D16 direct drive ventilator
Jenny D20 explosionproof direct drive ventilator
Jenny D20X explosionproof 20" direct drive ventilator
Jenny T24 tube axial in-line fan
Jenny tube axial in-line fan
Jenny PE16 portable ejector fan
Jenny 16" portable ejctor fan

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